A tale of two Mindy’s

The pilot episode of “The Mindy Project” has Mindy Lahiri all over the place…spending the night in jail, in the delivery room, a wedding reception toast, on a date, and even at the bottom of a pool.

In what may be Mindy Kaling’s biggest gig since playing Kelly Kapoor, on NBC’s, ‘The Office,’ she plays Lahiri, a thirty-something, single, romantic-comedy/Hollywood ending obsessive OB/GYN.

Similar to her character, Kaling has also been all over the place. Over recent years she has written a best-selling novel, voiced cartoon characters and co-written and produced multiple episodes of ‘The Office.”

Set to follow the season 2 premiere of Fox’s wildly successful comedy, “New Girl” on Tuesday, September 25 at 8:30 p.m., Kaling’s newest project presents a female character lead most women probably won’t want to punch in the face but, instead, would want to meet up with to grab drinks.

After a recent painful breakup, Lahiri is hung up on not having a boyfriend and shallowly dispelling her insecurities with thoughtless hookups with men she knows are no good.  Despite unhealthy fixations but with an honest charm, she insists that she is motivated to change her playgirl ways.

 For a pilot episode, Kaling is in good company. Bill Hader of “Saturday Night Live” is the oral surgeon heartbreaker who leaves her for another woman after two months and “The Office” costar, Ed Helms, also appears as Dennis, a “too perfect” date she runs out on. One of many fellow doctors she works with, Chris Messina’s, Danny Castellano, compliments Lahiri’s anxiousness with a temporarily charming quick wit and occasional patience for her ramblings.

Based on one episodes impression, I’ll be sticking around for episode two, rooting for both Mindy Kaling and Mindy Lahiri…that they both earn the well-deserved fairytale end to a story many setbacks in the making.


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